Individual case management services at Jackson County, Iowa were developed to help you and your family makes choices about the kind of services you want.

  Jackson County, Iowa - Case Management

What are Case Management Services?

Individual case management services were developed to help you and your family makes choices about the kind of services you want, to encourage you to participate in deciding who will provide those services, and allow you to take responsibility for setting goals and working toward them. If you are accepted for case management services, you will be assigned a case manager.

Your case manager will work with you and your family, and together you will:

Discuss what you want in services and living arrangements, and how a case manager could assist you to get those services.

Decide what agencies or individuals might best provide the services you want.

Form an interdisciplinary team in which you will actively participate with your case manager, service providers, family members and other people you choose to be there. The team will meet together and all of you will decide how everyone can work towards goals you have established. These goals and responsibilities are written in a document called the Individual Comprehensive Plan (ICP) which all team members sign.

Your Case Manager is Responsible to:

Talk with you regularly and also with your service providers and other people important to you. You can expect your case manager to work with you or on your behalf at least once a month. In some cases, contact will be more frequent.

Help you schedule any additional evaluations or gather any additional information requested by members of your team.

Be sure the services you are receiving are being provided in the way you and your team directed in the ICP and that those services are helping you reach your goals.

Help you use your rights and responsibilities as a citizen of your community.

Who is Eligible for Case Management Services?

Individuals who are Medicaid eligible and who qualify for the following HCBS Waiver Programs:  Brain Injury Waiver, Health and Disability Waiver, Intellectual Disability Waiver or Physical Disability Waiver.

Who pays for Case Management Services?

Medicaid either a managed care organization or Iowa Medicaid Enterprise, depending on the Medicaid coverage.  Jackson County Case Management currently has a contract only with Amerihealth Caritas to provide case management services.   The other managed care organizations provide their own case management services.

Mission Statement:

A Self-directed Understanding of a Person centered Plan which offers Opportunity, while gaining Respect through a Team process.

Case Management is Consumer Driven.
Address of Case Management office:
311 West Platt Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060

Hours Office is open:
8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

Phone Number:
(563) 652-4246

FAX Number:
(563) 652-0337

Case Management Director:
Lynn Bopes

Employees in Case Management Office:

Office Manager:

Case Management Coordinator:


Case Manager:
Karen Intlekofer

Case Manager:
Renee Pape

Case Management Forms:
Downloadable forms used in the Case Management Office:

Case Management Links:

Iowa Department of Human Services

Iowa State Association
of Counties (ISAC)


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